In 24 BBY, the Commerce Guild opened an office in the "cradle of darkness," the tax-free world of Korriban. Guild members deserving a punishment were sent there, although the Guild motivated other corporations, by offering them incentives, to open offices in the Korriban spaceport of Dreshdae.[1]

The following year, which was one year before the start of the Clone Wars, a group of Jedi led by Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi, visited Dreshdae while looking for the galactic criminals Granta Omega and Jenna Zan Arbor.[1]

Coming out of hyperspace, as the Jedi prepared for their descent and landing at the Dreshdae Spaceport, each of them felt what Kenobi did: the dark side of the Force emanating from the planet's surface in what was certainly the most complicated surge of dark energy any of them had ever felt. For it had a sick sweetness to it, something that seemed to pour through their veins—attracting and repelling them at once. They struggled to meet and clear their minds of it.[1]

As they approached the Dreshdae Spaceport, the Jedi could see that its recently (and poorly) refurbished landing platform was deserted, apart from a few cruisers parked behind an energy fence. Touching down, the Jedi disembarked and made their way along the spaceport's main thoroughfare. A light gray rain with an acidic taste was falling, and Kenobi's Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, suddenly felt a foreboding settle upon him.[1]

The drab hodgepodge that was Dreshdae had, over the years, grown and shrank without thought given to utility or beauty. The strain of growth showed in Dreshdae's obvious efforts to promote itself, and it was clear that the spaceport would soon slide back into a dark, dangerous, lawless place. Evil undercurrents that bubbled up out of cracks in the stone and hastily built walkways could be felt by the Jedi. Beings didn't linger in the streets or cafés. There were no trees or plants, and nothing thrived.[1]

Kenobi announced to the Jedi that their contact in Dreshdae was one Teluron Thacker, a prosperous businessman, who had done favors for the Jedi in the past and had agreed to help them, if he could. In fact, they were on their way at that moment to meet him in one of the spaceport's small, dingy cafés. But suddenly, out of nowhere, Anakin felt a touch on his shoulder, and then another—whipping around, only to find no one there; then came a whisper, then another. He couldn't make out the words, only their mocking, derisive intent. Crossing the street, he thought he saw blood coursing down a stone wall, but when he blinked, it was gone—was it all just his imagination? He looked questioningly at his Master, who told him it was the dark side of the Force, that he was picking it up, too, but to just ignore it. Even so, Kenobi was not getting any Force premonition or warning, because the problem was the energy on the planet—dark waves buffeted Kenobi from every side, as if he were swimming in an evil sea. The thick darkness made it hard to distinguish true threats.[1]

Later, it was at Dreshdae Spaceport's landing platform that the Jedi would later rush to their cruisers, only to just as quickly disembark (at Skywalker's prompting) only moments before the starships all exploded from the machinations of a saboteur. But after Thacker loaned them a company-owned luxury airspeeder, the Jedi left the Dreshdae Spaceport to complete their tracking of Omega and Zan Arbor in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Having guided the airspeeder high above the spaceport, Skywalker estimated a ten-minute flight to the Valley, and he pushed the vehicle to maximum speed.[1]


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