The Dressellians' resistance was a conflict between the Dressellian people and an Imperial occupation force on Dressel.


Nearly two centuries after their discovery by the Bothans, the people of Dressel were subjugated by the Galactic Empire. The Imperials planned to strip the Dressellian Asteroid Belt of its resources, while the planet Dressel was to serve as an Imperial mining headquarters.

The conflictEdit

Not willing to remain oppressed, the Dressellians rebelled against the Imperial occupation, and with Bothan support, were able to arm themselves and fight for their freedom.

The Dressellian projectile rifle was produced in large numbers by the Dressellians and the Bothans during the conflict, and aided them in driving off the Imperial occupiers.


The Rebel Alliance was impressed by the Dressellians' resilience in their struggle against the Empire, and offered them the chance to join the larger resistance force. Orrimaarko was one of the veterans who volunteered for service. Their cooperation with the Alliance later lead the Dressellians to join the New Republic.