"Should have listened to me when you had the chance, Drex. Payback doesn't pay."
Boba Fett[src]

Drex was the crimelord of the Gallapraxis system. One of his sons, Gavron Sil, was killed by Boba Fett. He conspired with his other son, Feleen Bantillian, to kill the bounty hunter. Drex paid Fett 50,000 credits to hunt down and kill his son, convincing Fett that Feleen had murdered Gavron. The bounty hunter tracked Feleen to an abandoned droid factory on Vornax, where Feleen sprung their trap and tried to kill Fett with his battle droids.

Unfortunately for Drex and Feleen, Fett outsmarted his prey and returned to collect his bounty from the shocked crimelord. He presented Drex with Feleen's head, which concealed a thermal detonator which killed Drex.