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Drexel II, also called the "Waterworld of Drexel," lacked a proper name. It was an ocean-covered planet, with no dry land. The sentient species Inleshat were native to the planet.


Drexel II was once the second planet in the Drexel system, until a catastrophe around 5000 BBY that caused considerable disaster on Drexel II. A benevolent but a so far unidentified species of beings evacuated the Inleshat from Drexel II and relocated them to Iskalon.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, a group of Gluss'sa'Nikto established a colony on Drexel II.[2]

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Jason Fry confirmed that the Drexel Minor system was created because the Drexel system from Marvel Star Wars has only one planet, Drexel, and can't also contain Drexel II.[3]


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