Drikall Bessarah was a Devaronian male who acted as a field medic for Wraith Squadron. In 44 ABY, he was part of Sharr Latt's unit during the investigation into Galactic Alliance General Stavin Thaal regarding his involvement with the Lecersen Conspiracy. When Sharr Latt and Bhindi Drayson's units crossed paths on Vandor-3 during the investigations, the units were integrated. When one of Wraith Leaders Bhindi Drayson was shot by Pop-Dogs trooper and brought to Bessarah by fellow Wraith Huhunna, as Bessarah was only Wraith medic available at that time during Siege of Mount Lyss Meteorological Station on Mount Lyss Meteorological Station. However Bessarah was unable to save Drayson from deadly blaster rifle wound and she died. Aside from his position as Wraith Squadron's field medic, he also concocted various drugs that helped the squad further its mission against Thaal, such as creating a type of chemical that would temporarily blind the General's fellow Pop-Dogs soldiers.


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