The Drill ship was an ancient mining vessel that became a planet killer during the Imperial Period.


The vessel had a drill-like appendage and was powered by multiple reactors. It's purpose was to be used in mining ventures, but could also drill through entire planets, making them collapse and shatter.


The derelict ship appeared in orbit of the planet Ord Dycoll. Upon not getting any response to its hailing attempts, the local Imperial base sent a shuttle up to investigate the enormous vessel. When the members of the expedition began pushing buttons, the vessel reoriented itself and used its drilling apparatus to penetrate the planetary crust, reaching the core and destroying the world. After the cataclysm, the ship went into hyperspace and appeared over Bothawui.

A second group of agents arrived at the scene after learning of Ord Dycoll's communications stop. They recovered a ship of survivors, who told them of the previous events. Later, docking with the vessel over Bothawui, they learnt of its malfunctioning wiring which had caused the vessel's mining program to go out of control. In order to spare Bothawui and Muunilinst, its next target, the vessel's reactors had to be overloaded.