Dro Prack was a member of the Dro family and second cousin of Raynar Thul. She was captain of the Tryst. Under the command of the Tradewyn she received Raynar with his friends aboard the Shadow Chaser and the Rock Dragon in 24 ABY. Raynar had returned from his Jedi education of Yavin 4 to travel to his mother Aryn Dro Thul on the Tradewyn. When he met only Dro and the Tryst, he became distrustful. To make sure that she was really related to him, he asked her which of their family treasures had survived the destruction of Alderaan. She answered confidently and properly that it was the Dro ceremonial fountain. After that he and his companions traveled with her to rendezvous with the Bornaryn Trading Fleet.


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