This article is about the creature. You may be looking for the star system.

Drogs were a species of large black beetle native to the planet S'krrr. Drogs could eat and digest almost anything. They usually ate plants, but would also scavenge corpses. They usually traveled in large swarms. Although they destroyed many plants, they were also the main pollinators on the planet. They will even scavenge for food, and have few natural enemies. Their only natural predators were the bat-like creatures known as shreevs. S'krrr gardeners worked to maintain a balanced population of shreevs and drogs. Drogs reproduce prolifically, so shreevs are needed to control the drog population. It was discovered that if one put two drogs in a container, in less than a standard day the drogs in the container would number more than ten. Many claimed the S'krrr were descended from the drogs, although no evidence of this was ever discovered. A cult of S'krrr worshiped the drogs because they believed this.