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The Drogheda Royal Guard were the armed forces on the planet Drogheda, who aided the Monarchy. The guards were equipped with blaster weapons, as well as distinct helmets that covered the majority of their heads. Many royal guards also used Sky-sleds to hold off enemies who may have been higher in number. Rank was apparently determined by the color of the uniform, though how this system was worked is unknown. During the Drogheda Civil War, the royal guard was the primary force employed by Queen Sarna to combat the Drogheda Revolutionaries. However, the group was much more loyal to their commander, Harlech, and during the conclusion of the civil war, Harlech attempted to usurp the Queen's power and declare himself King. However, the revolutionaries were able to storm the Drogheda Citadel, preventing the coup. The majority of Harlech's men surrendered, but Harlech decided to fight to the end. However, he was quickly stunned, preventing any sort of heroic last stand.



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