The Droid Control Army was a small force of twelve droids owned and employed by Groodo the Hutt—but manipulated and controlled by Hurlo Holowan, the droid engineer of Groodo's counterfeit Sun Runner transport—to take over Fondor Spaceport in 23 BBY.

The force consisted of droids that traditionally and by galactic reputation were deemed harmless enough, which, indeed, would not have seemed out of place on any space station under normal circumstances—clearly the reason that they'd so easily been able to infiltrate the spaceport: a modified GNK power droid, whose upper casing contained a rapid-repeating blaster; six heavily modified FX-series medical assistant droids, which, instead of wielding medical tools, brandished numerous deadly weapons and were mounted on treadwell bases for greater mobility; and five astromech droids modified with plasma fusion-cutters and periscopic micro-laser cannons.

A team of Jedi on a mission to Fondor, particularly via the singular efforts of Jedi Master Mace Windu, destroyed the army and foiled Groodo's plot.