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"Hello, and welcome to Droid Spa. No need for an appointment, right this way."
―SN-D1, to R2-D2[src]

Droid Spa was a maintenance spa located on Coruscant. It employed spa droids such as SN-D1 and BO-N1 to serve their clients. The spa offered an automated oil bath and de-carbonization buffing as part of their regular service. Signs in the waiting room also informed droids that they could receive recharging, repolishing, repairs and refits. A spa droid would personally accompany each client through their spa treatment and inform them of the next treatment to be performed if it was not obviously apparent, unlike an oil bath. It was suggested that eight credits was enough to treat two droids.[1]

During the Clone Wars, Todo 360 tricked R2-D2 through persuasion into going to Droid Spa, separating him from C-3PO so that Todo and HELIOS-3E could kidnap the protocol droid for Cad Bane.[1]


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