Droids Defiant is an article written by Thomas Bowling which appeared in Star Wars Adventure Journal 9.

Plot summaryEdit

Recent privateer activity on Cosmohaul Shipping resulted in a Cosmohaul executive having the idea to hire cheap mercenaries to guard their shipment. The mercenaries are hired onto the Argent Lady that was hauling a group of R5-series astromech droid. The ship's captain, Xalto Sneerzickand his crew were secretly part of the Droid Abolitionist Movement and en route uploaded a virus to the R5 droids in hopes of causing them to break their programming and become independent. A malfunction in some of the R5 caused them to revolt against their liberators and they killed the Argent Lady crew. The mercenaries then had to escape from the Cutlass, an Imperial Patrol Ship that appeared in their path and demanded the ship power (down for a 'routine inspection.'