Drom Virbilge was a male individual who worked for the Thaereian military during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, serving as a captain in Thaereian Military Special Ops. In circa 31 BBY, the Sullustan Salld Nrump discovered evidence of three data transmitters that the Metatheran Cartel had covertly placed at strategic locations on the planet Cularin. A group of mercenaries working for the Syndicate were sent to attack Krol-Pek, a Cerean who Nrump had asked to decrypt some transmissions from the transmitters, to prevent the discovery of the transmitters, and Virbilge learned of their plans. From the city Varna Biqua on the planet Genarius, where Virbilge was operating undercover, the Thaereian contacted Sergeant Morton, a contact that he had within the Office of Peace and Security, warning him that there was going to be some trouble at Krol-Pek's house. He also gave Morton a datacard containing a message intended for the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents who had obtained a datapad containing Nrump's findings. In the message, Virbilge stated that information contained within the datapad threatened the security of the entire Cularin system, and he urged the agents to hand the device in to the Thaereian military. He also fitted the datacard with a type of electrically activated acid, to destroy the message after it had been read by the agents.