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Drun Cairnwick was a male Human Jedi Padawan who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Escaping the fall of the Order during the Great Jedi Purge and the rise of the Galactic Empire, Cairnwick became a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


A Force-sensitive Human born on Adarlon, Drun Cairnwick was educated in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order. Selected as a Padawan by a Jedi Master, Apprentice Cairnwick served the Order during the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Taking up the rank of Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, Padawan Cairnwick survived through the war's three years.[1]

When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine betrayed the Jedi and issued Contingency Order 66 to the Grand Army which demanded the death of all Jedi, Padawan Cairnwick fled the battlefield and went to ground. Learning of the Order's destruction, Padawan Cairnwick returned to his homeworld deep in the Minos Cluster to escape the wrath of the Galactic Empire and the Sith who controlled it. Setting a home for himself, Padawan Cairnwick spread anti-Imperial propaganda amongst his neighbors, all the while hiding his identity as a member of the Order.[1]

Over time, Cairnwick's propagating led to the Adarlon peoples' desire to rebel against their Imperial masters on Coruscant. Incurring the Emperor's wrath, Adarlon was besieged by stormtroopers; Cairnwick had fled his compound before it was laid waste by the Empire's forces. Remaining in hiding for several years, the Padawan was finally captured in the months following the historic Battle of Yavin, a victorious conflict for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Transported to the prison world of Gesaril, Padawan Cairnwick managed to rally support for the Alliance amongst the prison population. Teaming with a group of Alliance prisoners of war, Padawan Cairnwick and the Rebels escaped offworld before the stormtroopers could seal the facility.[1]


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