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The Drunk Dancer was a freighter manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation in 39 BBY. She was approximately 150 meters long, and was similar in appearance to a CR70 corvette, but with a circular bridge module. She was equipped with turbolaser and ion cannon emplacements, and a starboard docking bay that housed the crew's dropship and was capable of also holding craft as large as an SX troop shuttle. The ship was crewed by smugglers led by Captain Jula Shryne.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ralph McQuarrie art of captive Falcon on Imperial capital planet of Alderaan

A ship on Alderaan matching the description of the Drunk Dancer.

The ship is described as looking similar to a "Tantive-class" freighter, but with a "spherical cockpit." This is most likely a description of the original concept image for the Tantive IV (which was originally designed as one of the possibilities for the Millennium Falcon, yet was later scrapped as too closely resembling the Eagle 1 from Space: 1999).



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