The Dry Goods Emporium was a business in Hedrett located on the banks of the Estauril River, two blocks from the Jax Warehouse. It was owned and run by Cal Majjer and one of its key employees was its food preservation specialist, Nyrkar. The Emporium also employed a number of young Caarites as stockboys. This was so because Caarites were not allowed to work for the Metatheran Cartel until they developed a strong work ethic with some real world experience, which Mr. Majjer had a reputation for instilling.

Though the Emporium was built out of metals, it was expertly worked and finished in a rustic-brown color that made it look like it was constructed from expensive wooden siding, making it one of the more unique buildings in Hedrett. The front door was made of glass set in the same wood-like metal.

In 31 BBY, Nyrkar disappeared to join the Cularin resistance, but Majjer reported several disappearances, hoping to get OPS attention. He considered that Nyrkar was too valuable to simply disappear.