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"Drybal, if you speak again I shall order you to shoot yourself in the foot. Is that clear?"
Raze warns Drybal.[src]

Drybal was a male Yarkora employed by Raze's criminal organization during the Galactic Civil War.

Though Drybal had worked for him for least five years and was considered him to be one of his closest lieutenants, Raze did not appear to particularly value Drybal's input.[1][2] Drybal's chief responsibility in Raze's organization was to sort out the streams of data that Raze's vast network of spies transmitted to Raze's headquarters on the planet Per Lupelo.[3]

When Alliance spy Wyl Tarson attempted to escape from Per Lupelo, Raze ordered Drybal to apprehend Tarson. Drybal and a posse eventually caught up to Tarson but never got beyond delivering some choice words before Tarson stunned them. However, Raze had made other contingencies and Tarson ultimately failed to escape.[4]



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