"The Imperial Colonization Board regrets to announce that the Kammia colony, Drynn system, has succumbed to a mysterious virus. At this time, there are no reports of survivors."
Imperial HoloVision news release[src]

The Drynn system was located on the Shiritoku Spur, a hyperroute that ran through a portion of Wild Space. The planet Kammia was part of the system.

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The Drynn system was created for The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook, written by Kathy Tyers and Eric S. Trautmann, and released in February 1996.

The Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion, a online supplement to the 2009 publication The Essential Atlas, includes in its database a "Kammia system," located in Wild Space, clearly corresponding to the planet Kammia from The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook, while there is no listing for the Drynn system. However, according to comments made by Atlas co-author Jason Fry, as revealed on's Jedi Council Forums, the Online Companion's database listed star systems according to names of well-known celestial objects, rather than proper system names, and that the database's listing was not intended to create new system names or override previously established continuity. Given this declaration, this article treats the "Kammia system" as conjecturally synonymous to the Drynn system.[4]


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