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Duck Ep 2
Biological classification


Physical characteristics
Average length

0.6 meters[1]

Average wingspan

0.9 meters[1]

Sociocultural characteristics

Naboo, other planets[2]

"What's a duck?"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

Ducks were a type of waterfowl that could be found on several different planets throughout the galaxy, notably Naboo.[2] As a result, they were incorporated in several idiomatic expressions in Galactic Basic Standard, including "sitting duck"[3] and "even a duck has to be taught to swim."[4] The ship known as the Dusty Duck was presumably also named for these animals.[5]


Two ducks in flight over the Solleu River.

Not all residents of the galaxy were familiar with ducks, especially in some of the provincial regions or on dry, arid planets of the galaxy, like Tatooine. After hearing Obi-Wan Kenobi mention a duck, Luke Skywalker curiously asked what one was.[4]

Naboo was also home to similar waterfowl with four legs, rather than two.[6]




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