Mission to the Emperor's space station

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Mission to Hoth


Mission to Belsavis

Mission to the Emperor's space fortress
Emperor's Fortress

Hunt for the Emperor


3642 BBY


Emperor's space station

  • All Jedi defeated, turned to the Dark Side
  • Lord Scourge wounded
  • All Jedi fall to Dark Side
  • Scourge wounded
"You stand there because I allow it. Because I do not fear."
―The Sith Emperor taunts the Jedi before subduing them[src]

During the end of the Cold War, the Hero of Tython embarked on a mission with Jedi Masters Tol Braga, Warren Sedoru and Leeha Narezz. The three were on a mission to infiltrate the Emperor's space station and defeat, capture and redeem the Sith Emperor. Unfortunately for the Jedi strike team, the mission ended in absolute failure as the Sith Emperor easily defeated them, utterly crushed their wills and turned them into Sith.


Prior to the encounter with the Sith Emperor, the Jedi found the coordinates of the Sith Emperor's Space Fortress, which was cloaked by a powerful Cloaking device. Entering in separate locations, they worked their way to the Emperor's throne room, cutting down those who got in their way.

The duelEdit

"Fight back! We can resist him!"
Tol Braga before being subdued by the Sith Emperor[src]

The Hero of Tython arrived at the throne room first, and was met by Lord Scourge, the Emperor's Wrath. Scourge dueled with the Hero, who ultimately prevailed but spared the Sith Lord's life. As Scourge strode to the Emperor's side, Masters Tol Braga, Leeha Narezz, and Warren Sedoru arrived at the throne room.

There, the Sith Emperor taunted the Jedi, saying they were puny, insignificant, and that he was not afraid of them. Unexpectedly, the Sith Emperor defeated the Jedi Strike Team with a mere wave of his hand, summoning a powerful storm of Force lightning. The Emperor then corrupted the defeated Jedi and turned them into Sith.


The Hero of Tython saw the Force ghost of his late master, Orgus Din. Din healed the Hero of Tython, and the resurgent Jedi mind-tricked Overseer Chaskar, and freed Kira Carsen. The Hero returned to the docking bay to the Hero's ship, a Defender-class light corvette. There, Scourge declared his allegiance to the Jedi Knight, stating he had seen the Hero in a 300-year old premonition.

Behind the scenesEdit

This duel represents the finale of Act II for the Jedi Knight Story.


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