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"Not yet. You don't understand, you've destroyed everything. You've..."
Darth Lachris' dying words[src]

The Duel for Balmorra was a decisive battle that ensured the success of liberation of Balmorra from Imperial occupation.

On route to rescue the imprisoned former President of Balmorra, resistance fighter Zenith and Jedi Master Barsen'thor were confronted by Balmorra's Sith governor, Darth Lachris. Zenith rushed into attack the Sith Lord who deflected his blaster bolts with ease, she responded by attacking with Force lightning which was deflected by the Barsen'thor.

Darth Lachris was eventually defeated, and moments from death professed cryptic words grieving of her failure, and at the Jedi's destruction of something bigger.

With Darth Lachris dead, the citizens of Sobrik rose against the Imperial occupiers and the government-in-exile returned from exile and Tai Cordan took over as President.

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