The Duel in the Almas Academy was a lightsaber duel that was fought inside the ruins of the Almas Academy.


Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, the New Order began hunting down members of the Jedi Order. During the chaos two Twi'lek Jedi survivors, Jedi Master Vhiin Thorla and his Padawan Dorv'Tilsta, traveled to the ruins of the Almas Academy, a former Jedi Academy, in search of other Jedi surviors. However, while they were there, the Imperial Inquisitor Valin Draco and his apprentice, the Dark Jedi Raik Muun, arrived at the Academy, to investigate a dark side force nexus that was centered around the ruins.

The duelEdit

Draco and Muun encountered the fugitive Jedi and a fierce lightsaber duel ensued between them. Muun used a t'salak to induce a murderous rage in Tilsta, causing the boy to attack his master, forcing Thorla to kill the Padawan. As a result, Thorla became so overcome by guilt that he was weakened, allowing Draco and Muun to capture and imprison him.