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"You can't stop this ritual from happening"
Darth Zash[src]

After gathering all the artifacts of Tulak Hord, Darth Nox brought them before Darth Zash who was preparing her ritual in the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas. As it became apparent that Zash intended to use the ritual to acquire Kallig's body, a duel between Master and apprentice ensued.

Despite Kallig wearing Zash down, the powerful sorceress pushed her apprentice into submission and initiated the ritual. The timely intervention by Kallig's Dashade servant, Khem Val, interrupted the ritual, with bizarre consequences. The ritual of essence transfer was redirected into the Dashade, and due to the Force resistance found in his species Khem survived and was forced to share his bodies with the angry Sith Lord.

With Zash appearing to be dead, Kallig became a Lord and inherited all her assets as well as the resentful relationship with Darth Thanaton, Zash's former superior.

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