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The Duel in the Sith Sanctum was a power play between the Sith Lords Darth Skotia and Darth Zash. On Zash's orders her apprentice Kallig, the future Darth Nox, engaged and killed Skotia in the Sith Sanctum on Dromund Kaas.


In 3643 BBY, Skotia learned of Darth Zash's attempts to unlock the secrets of an artifact of Tulak Hord. He sent one of his apprentices, Ortosin, and two agents to assassinate her new apprentice on Korriban but they failed. When the apprentice arrived on Dromund Kaas, Skotia intercepted the Inquisitor at the spaceport and attempted to intimidate them. News of this infuriated Zash. Knowing that she couldn't kill Skotia, for a power play would make the Dark Council nervous, she decided to dispatch her apprentice, Kallig, instead to infiltrate Skotia's base, which was guarded by Skotia's army-sized force.

The DuelEdit

Gathering a tablet that would force Skotia's Trandoshan bodyguards, Skeesk and Skarsk, to abandon him and a cyborg prototype disruptor that could disable someone who is 50% or more cyborg, the Apprentice confronted Skotia in his chambers with Khem Val and the Sith Lord. Skotia killed the bodyguards when they turned on him, but the cyborg disruptor greatly weakened him enough to be killed. Skotia was defeated, and his cybernetics weakened him from the dark side, and he was no match against the powerful Inquisitor. With his last breath, Skotia realized that Zash must have spent years plotting his demise, and realized that the Sith would always betray one another. He warned her apprentice that she would turn on her/him before he died.