"No one need die here tonight."
Luke Skywalker[src]

In 11 ABY, there was a duel on Courkrus between Corran Horn and members of the Jensaarai. Part-way through the duel, Horn received support from Luke Skywalker. The Jensaarai were quickly defeated by the two Jedi.


In order to track down his wife kidnapped by former Moff Leonia Tavira, Jedi Knight Corran Horn infiltrated one of Tavira's pirate squadrons, the Khuiumin Survivors. He then haunted the Invids on Courkrus, disguising himself as a Jedi Knight.

The duelEdit

Tavira dispatched Kelbis Nu and four other Jensaarai to apprehend Horn. They tracked him down on Courkrus and trapped him by night in an alley, unaffected by the Force illusions he conjured against them. Just as the other Jensaarai were about to attack Horn, however, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker arrived—guided by the Gand Ooryl Qrygg—and helped Horn fight the Jensaarai. While three of the Jensaarai attacked Skywalker, Nu and another fought against Horn. Horn quickly defeated them both, catching Nu by the wrist and knocking him out with a blow from the end of his lightsaber pommel to the right side of his head.


Using a ysalamir to confuse the Jensaari, as well as the presence of Skywalker as intimidation, Horn interrogated the Jensaarai until they revealed their origins and the location of Tavira's base. The Jedi immediately departed to Susevfi in order to rescue Mirax.