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"Let the Republic and Confederacy exhaust each other; we will emerge from this war that much stronger as a result."
Tinté Vos to Dooku[src]

The Duel on Kiffu occurred after a failed meeting between Count Dooku, Head of State of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Tinté Vos, Sheyf of the Kiffu Guardians.

The failed meetingEdit

When Dooku arrived on Kiffu, he met with Sheyf Tinté Vos, proposing that the former Guardian side with the Confederacy. Refusing to be swayed by Dooku's firebrand rhetoric, the Sheyf did not side with the Confederacy, revealing her belief that her people would rise to power after the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy had exhausted each other.

Dooku, admitting that he feared as much, ordered his acolytes to engage the Sheyf's guards and kill her. With that the battle was on.

The battleEdit


Quinlan Vos kills Kadrian Sey.

Though they fought valiantly against Dooku's acolytes, the Guardians were sorely outmatched. With a path to the Sheyf cleared, Quinlan Vos advanced on her. However, his hesitation to kill his aunt compelled Kadrian Sey to attempt to do it herself. However, when she leapt at the Sheyf, Quinlan swung out with his saber and killed her. By that act he revealed himself to be a Republic agent.

With that, Vos scooped up his aunt fled deeper into her palace with a burst of Force-assisted speed. Dooku pursued, ordering Tol Skorr to finish off the guard.

The Sheyf's secretEdit

As Tinté Vos screamed for him to unhand her, Quinlan came to a stop in a deserted room deep within the palace. Revealing to her that he was a Republic agent, he only received accusations of being involved in a Republic scheme to subjugate and control Kiffu and Kiffex. As Vos and his aunt argued, Dooku suddenly appeared, claiming to have known all along that Quinlan was an agent.

As Vos took up his lightsaber and charged at the Count, Dooku parried the blow, and stated that Vos didn't know what he was protecting. Before the duel could continue any further, Dooku caught Vos in a Force grip and lifted him off the ground, while depriving him of his lightsaber. As Dooku dropped Quinlan, Tinté accused him of being a liar and warned Quinlan to disregard anything he said.

Dooku countered by telling Quinlan to not believe what the Count said, but what the Jedi saw. Vos realized Dooku was referring to the psychometric abilities possessed by the Kiffu people. Vos stated that this ability couldn't be used on a sentient, living being, only inanimate objects. But Dooku told Quinlan to augment the ability with the dark side of the Force to allow him to do so.

Quinlan did so, and proceeded to forcefully 'read' his aunt. First he found out that Tinté had murdered her brother so as to usurp his position as Sheyf. Then he found out that she made a deal with the Anzati journeying to Kiffex, following the call of Volfe Karkko. However, to seal the deal, the Anzati required 'blood of her blood', i.e, a relative of her's to feast on. Finding out that Tinté had sacrificed his parents to the Anzat, Quinlan broke the connection and angrily questioned her as to why.


The death of Tinté Vos.

Tinté Vos revealed she did so to gain custody of Quinlan, so as to mold him into an heir. She also explained why she murdered her brother, considering the former Sheyf too friendly with the Republic and the Jedi. Quinlan declared her a murderer who deserved to die, and Dooku encouraged this sentiment, stating that justice demanded it. The Count proceeded to return Vos' lightsaber so the Jedi might 'deliver justice' himself.

Quinlan Vos butchered his terrified aunt, at last gaining full acceptance into Dooku's cadre of acolytes, as it was clear now his conversion was no deception.


Following Dooku's and his acolytes' victory, the CIS proceeded to subjugate Kiffu. Zac'ryah Vos, also a Guardian, was killed in the process.

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