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The Duel on Onderon took place in 1000 BBY. After Darth Bane finished his serious business at Freedon Nadd's tomb, he used a giant Drexl to take a trip straight from Dxun to Onderon, using the dark side of the Force. His apprentice, Darth Zannah, had just arrived on Onderon via the Star-Wake, and was in danger. Bane arrived just in time to save her from the Beast Rider Skelda clan.

Bane immediately engaged the Drexl riders in combat and defeated all nine members. At the end of the aerial duel, Darth Bane and the surviving Drexl fell from the sky and crashed into the ground. In the aftermath, Bane told his apprentice that the only reason he survived the fall was because of his newly obtained orbalisk armor.


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