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Prior to the onset of the Great Sith War, a lightsaber duel occurred on the planet Vigil, between the Sith apprentices Xash and Sindra, and the Dark Jedi Lian Dray. Dray won the duel, after he slew the Sith siblings while defending his charge, a young girl named Nova.

Behind the scenesEdit

The duel on Vigil appeared in author Paul Danner's short story titled Light and Shadow, which was set during the time of the Great Sith War. According to Lostworlds, Light and Shadow was originally slated to feature in one of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journals but was never published therein. Thus, the characters, places, and events—the duel on Vigil included—of Light and Shadow are not considered part of canon.[2]

The story can now be found on the Internet at the Star Wars Fanboy Association.[3]

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