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A Dug rail gun was a Dug artillery piece that served in Malastare's armed forces during the Clone Wars.


The Dug rail gun was equipped with treads for movement and its launching system could be positioned at different angles to fire both upwards and downwards, depending on the target's position. A Dug debris loader would place an explosive charge on the weapon's launch rail, which would hurl it towards its target. An enclosed cockpit was located at the front of the vehicle for the driver/gunner.


They were used at the Battle of Malastare, where they bombarded the Separatist Droid Army, notably as anti-air cover for BTL-B Y-wing starfighters against Vulture droids as they moved to the drop point for the Electro-proton bomb, which neutralized the opposing force. In the aftermath, the rail guns were again used in an attempt to kill the Zillo beast which was awakened by the detonation of the bomb during the battle. Unfortunately, every single rail gun was destroyed.



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