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Dukha of Clan Kihm'bar

A dukha schematic

A dukha was a Noghri communal building. It was built in a cylindrical design with a conical roof. Pillars, evenly spaced around the circumference of the building supported its structure, and were made of entire tree trunk sections. Each pillar was stripped of bark and polished. The pillars, along with the metal support band below the eaves of the dukha were decorated with intricate Noghri carvings.

Inside a dukha, there was a single room with a throne placed two-thirds of the distance from the double doors to the back of the building. This was the place where the clan maitrakh sat. A concave dish hung over the center of the room from chains attached to each wall pillar, and soft light poured out of the dish against the ceiling.

A larger variation on this building was the Grand Dukha in Nystao.



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