"Arriving starships must approach Dulin starport from the southern approach vector. The northern approach vector will be temporarily closed from 2500 to 2700 hours for a fireworks display as part of the city's celebration of the New Year Fete Week. Contact your starport controller on comm channel UN-271 for further approach vector and traffic pattern information."
―Dulin METOSP[src]

Dulin was a city located in the Dulin system of the Inner Rim,[1] on a planet with a rotation period of at least 27 hours. Dulin had a starport, which was equipped with METOSP capabilities[2]—a comm channel for spacers alerting them to general notices regarding traffic patterns and local conditions[3]—and a starport controller who utilized communications channel UN-271. One year, Dulin celebrated New Year Fete Week with a fireworks display that required closing down the northern approach vector to their spaceport for two hours.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Dulin was created for Platt's Starport Guide, a sourebook published by West End Games in 1995. In that book, Dulin is presented as a city. The Essential Atlas, published by Del Rey in 2009, created a Dulin system, indicating Dulin could also be the name of a planet; however, until this is clarified, this article presents it solely as a city.


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