"They signed on under General Antilles. If they had paid attention to him, most if not all of them would still be alive. If you want to know who betrayed your people to death, look to the commander who broke ranks."
Jagged Fel, to Lensi[src]

Duro Squadron was an all-Duros starfighter squadron that fought for the New Republic and Galactic Alliance during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Formed after the fall of Duro, they were devoted to reclaiming their homeworld from the extra-galactic invaders. The pilots of the squadron were a mixed group, ranging from seasoned combat veterans to those who had never before served in a military unit.

In 29 ABY, they fought to retake Duro under Commander Yurf Col. The Squadron was utterly destroyed, however, when they refused to follow an order to retreat given by General Wedge Antilles.


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