Durren was a terrestrial planet near the border between the Meridian and Antemeridian sectors that was home to the New Republic's naval base in Meridian sector.


Sometime after the collapse of the Grissmath Dynasty governance of the planet was turned over to the Durren Central Planetary Council; six major religions were in power on the planet. During this time, the Durren population had placed the Republic's shipyard station, Durren Orbital, in orbit around the planet. The planet was overtly pro-New Republic during the end of the Galactic Civil War. Imperial agent Seti Ashgad instigated a revolt against the Planetary Council on Durren and also instigated pirate attacks on Ampliquen to draw the Republic battle cruisers Caelus and Corbantis away from Durren. The plan succeeded, and both ships were infected with the Death Seed plague. The cruisers Courane and Fireater were sent from Durren to investigate the Death Seed breakout on Cybloc XII. [2]



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