"It's nothing. Just a spook story the Imperials concocted to scare us."
"Next to the Emperor's location, Dusk 9 is the Empire's best-kept secret. Hundreds of black ops projects are born there."
"It's also a prison, according to the rumors. The things that supposedly go on there… Too horrible to be real."
―Aric Jorgan and Zane[src]

Dusk 9 was a top-secret prison that the Sith Empire was rumored to maintain during the Cold War and Galactic War against the Galactic Republic. Highly classified, Dusk 9 was supposedly also the origin of many of the Empire's black ops projects, and carried out horrific tortures on its prisoners. Agent Zane of the Republic Strategic Information Service headed an operation to locate Dusk 9 by seeding the Imperial prison system with hundreds of tagged Republic soldiers, and he himself tried to be captured on Hoth after Havoc Squad disrupted his operation with the Deadeyes unit, though Havoc Squad tracked him and the Deadeyes down again and forced him to withdraw.