The Dusk Shadow was a Terentatek that wandered Tatooine's Dune Sea.


During the Cold War the Barsen'thor came to the Dune Sea at the request of their companion Qyzen Fess; feeling shame over losing his score on Tython, the Trandoshan wanted to make amends to the Scorekeeper by going to Tatooine and paying homage to the bones of his father.

After finding and honoring the bones, a trandoshan hunter came by the two, saying that the Dusk Shadow was eating the farmers' Banthas and that he was hunting it down by placing bombs, but the two were in the area of the supposed mine field. After their argument, the Dusk Shadow made its appearance, making the hunter escape and engaging the jedi and the trandoshan. It was killed by their combined actions.


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