«Impartiality is one thing. Blindness is another entirely»
―Judge Duula to Jolee Bindo[src]

Duula was a male Selkath who lived in Ahto City on Manaan before and during the Jedi Civil War. He was a judge on the Ahto City Civil Authority court, and a strong advocate for the Sith Empire. Duula believed that the Galactic Republic was in stagnation; he saw the Sith as a fresh change-of-pace. He, along with his fellow judges, presided over the case involving the murder of Elassa Huros, in which the amnesiac Revan served as Arbiter for the defendant, Sunry.

Duula would also be present for the trial of Revan and his companions after his raid on the Sith Embassy, as well as when he emerged from the Republic Embassy after his trip to the Republic's Hrakert Station to find the Star Map hidden on the ocean floor.



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