"Why else did you think I let him arrange the art in the Dwelling of Guests and then make it sound like I needed to see it? I wanted him to think that he'd manipulated our operation and had it under his control."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn, to Senior Captain Voss Parck, on Nuso Esva[src]

The Dwelling of Guests was a building located in the Red City on the planet of Quethold, which was used to house guests of the Quesoth species. The building was small and circular, and was located at the center of a courtyard. It had two floors, with a central gathering area on the ground floor and ten small rooms on the floor above. In about 8 ABY, the alien warlord Nuso Esva allied himself with the Queen of the Red, the leader of the Quesoth, and Esva and his warriors took up residence in the Dwelling of Guests. As part of a plot to deceive Esva's enemy Grand Admiral Thrawn, Esva assembled a selection of artwork in the Dwelling of Guests, which he purported to be his own personal collection. He then arranged for the Quesoth Trevik to become a spy for Thrawn and record the art collection with a holocam, which Esva hoped would deceive Thrawn, because the Admiral possessed an ability to discern military commanders' combat tactics from examining their art.