"You tramp freighter captains are all the same, you think Imperial law applies to everyone but yourself. I will demonstrate that this is not so."
―Dwin Arnae[src]

Dwin Arnae was a male Human captain in the Imperial Customs in the Minos Cluster. He was known for being a perfectionist. His goal was to apprehend and prosecute every custom violator, no matter how small the infraction was.


He had joined the Imperial Navy at an early age, but only rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant. After reporting some minor infractions of his superiors over their heads, he was removed from his post and transferred to the Sector Interdiction Office. He captained an Imperial Customs corvette.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dwin Arane was a small, mousy, wiry man who was far more dedicated to his job in Imperial Customs then almost anyone else. His personal goal was to apprehend and prosecute the most customs violators. Although dedicated to his job, his perfectionist attitude caused his crew to hate him.


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