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Dwitzel's Rats were a mercenary unit based on Tatooine.


The Rats were formed by Dwitzel, a former Twi'lek officer of the Republic Army, after the foundation of the Galactic Empire. Dwitzel was seconded by her major, Dorgat.

They were specialized in punctual missions and commando raids, and had a reputation of efficacy and combativeness in all the Outer Rim Territories.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rats were used by the Empire to locate the base of a local resistance movement on the planet Lyta. After Dwitzel's discovered that an old friend, Colonel Goshad, was held prisoner in this base, she attacked the base, without knowing that it was the Empire which employed Goshad and that he was already dead, trying to take control of the base. After a brutal assault, the Rats discovered from the guerrilla forces that they were fooled, just a moment before the Stormtroopers attacked the guerrillas.

The Rats were also hired by the Kuan'Mar to organize the resistance against the Empire on the planet Trilia. Dwitzel dispatched ten specialists.


The Dwitzel's Rats had no true headquarters, but maintained some buildings in the desert of Tatooine, ten kilometers from Mos Eisley. There was a training facility and some warehouses, protected by advanced security systems.

Those only served before missions and when Dwitzel convoked her troops for regular physical training.


There were roughly thirty permanent members in the unit, from any species. Based on Tatooine. Nobody knew their true identity, besides the unit's members and Scar'dfor, a Sullustan local jurist.

All the Rats had "civil" professions, which let them blend into the local population. All of them are specialists in their domain, such as explosives or electronics.


The Rats kept blasters, grenades, detonite, and more heavy weapons such as repeating blasters, missile launchers and projectile launchers.

Their defensive equipment consisted of armor, hazard and climate suits, and they also had some speeders and speeder bikes,

They also had access to a large panel of communicators, transponders, sensors and scanners.

They managed to steal a good amount of material belonging to the Galactic Empire including two sets of spacetrooper armor, a Gamma-class assault shuttle, two TIE/LN starfighters, one Mobile Command Base, three Compact Assault Vehicle/Wheeled PX-10s and two Hoverscouts.

Fees and customersEdit

The hiring generally passed by the jurist Scar'dfor, based in Anchorhead, who often negotiated the agreement. If they needed bigger space transports for a mission, the Rats would ask one to their employers.

Due to the illicit nature of their material, Dwitzel would often bribe some of the controllers at the Mos Eisley Spaceport when traveling.

They would always refuse any contract with the Galactic Empire or its allies.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Dwitel's Rats were created by Jean Balczesak for an ambiguously canon roleplaying Gamemaster help which appeared in the French magazine Casus Belli 67.