"Woyunoks hadzuska koshûjontû."
―First line of the incantation[src]

Dwomutsiqsa (meaning "Summon Demon" in Sith) was an ancient Sith incantation that summoned a manifestation of the dark side known as the Smoke Demon.


The ancient Sith ritual of Dwomutsiqsa was written on scrolls. Through this incantation, the caster would concentrate the air and the energy around them to conjure a dreambeast known as the Smoke Demon. This creature had no true form, and it would assumed the shape of its victim's worst fear.

When read aloud by an imprudent user, this spell released malevolence as a safeguard against them who wished to unravel the mystery of the scrolls.


Sorzus Syn, one of the twelve high-ranking Jedi who were exiled from the Jedi Order following the Hundred-Year Darkness, found a scroll featuring the Dwomutsiqsa on the planet Korriban. In a chronicle she wrote on her encounters with the Sith species, she provided a partial translation of the full text.



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