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The Dynamic-class freighter was a light freighter built by a subsidiary of Core Galaxy Systems on the remote Republic world of Transel around the period of the Mandalorian Wars. Though prized for its ability to be modified with ease—a trait advertised by the class's name—Dynamic-class starships were rare throughout the galaxy as only one ship was produced at a time. A stock Dynamic-class freighter was only modestly armed and shielded; however, the ship was designed to accept modifications without compromising existing systems and most ships were therefore heavily customized by their owners. Dynamic-class freighters had relatively less area onboard to hold cargo than other light freighters but possessed ample space for passengers, allowing the class to operate as a transport.



Deck plans for a stock Dynamic-class freighter

Three prongs formed a trident-shaped hull fore of the Dynamic-class freighter's midpoint, with an asymmetrical protrusion located between the central and starboard prongs containing the ship's landing ramp. The central protruding section of the ship was boxy and squared and contained the ship's cockpit and communications equipment, which were connected via a long hallway to the ship's main hold, located centrally in the ship. The flanking port and starboard prongs were mirrored images of each other and contained crew bunks and amenities. A lateral break in the hull marked the freighter's midpoint; a pair of large laser cannons were mounted port and starboard, and a dorsal turret could be installed just behind the central prong.[1]

The freighter's hull aft of midpoint formed a half-saucer with the fore of the ship. This distinctive design allowed the ship to fit the same area for cargo and systems as a larger, more angular hull; other shipbuilders would later mimic this design even millennia later. Two cargo areas, flanking the engine room in the central aft of the ship, could store 60 tons of cargo. The starboard cargo area was large enough to function as a garage,[1] with ample space to store a swoop bike and workstation,[3] and connected directly to the landing ramp. Two large, circular engines were mounted to the very back of the ship and provided the thrust necessary for the ship to move through realspace at 800 km/h.[1]

The Dynamic-class freighter cost 80,000 credits for a new ship, while used ships sold for 30,000 credits. As the freighter was designed and built with modification in mind, most buyers often took advantage of this adaptive engineering to customize their freighters with more powerful systems, as a stock freighter possessed only modest weaponry and shielding. Dynamic-class freighters were regarded as sturdy builds, but were not generally recognized for speed or toughness, though the easy addition of modifications offset these shortcomings. A class 3 hyperdrive and navigation computer allowed the vessel to move through hyperspace to destinations throughout the galaxy. In case of emergency, such as a hull breach, every room was equipped with airlocks which could seal shut, containing the compromised sections and retaining the atmosphere in unaffected areas. The turret was accessible through a ladder in one of the ship's hallways;[1] the ladder could also be used to reach the exterior of the ship, which a utility droid could utilize to perform repairs.[4] The ship carried two standard months worth of consumables, allowing the crew to make extended trips.[1]


The Dynamic-class freight

The Dynamic-class was built by a subsidiary of Core Galaxy Systems, one vessel at a time. This made them rare compared with other freighter classes.[1]

At least one of them was present in the Republic fleet that gathered in the Ralltiir system in 3963 BBY.[5] Another was seen in the skies above Taris during the Mandalorian invasion of Taris.

The freighter Ebon Hawk was also of this class, coming from the Republic world of Transel. However, it underwent heavy modifications while in Davik Kang's service and probably others, which included a more powerful hyperdrive, so it is possible that not all characteristics of the Ebon Hawk applied to other ships of its class as well.

The design of the Dynamic-class freighter persisted throughout history. Sometime during the Great Galactic War fought between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, shipbuilder Corellian Engineering Corporation borrowed certain Dynamic-class traits, including the half-saucer and cockpit, to produce the XS stock light freighter.[6] The Dynamic-class freighter was even used as a comparison to CEC's new freighter in order to showcase how advanced the freighter design had become.[7] Corellian Engineering Corporation again drew on features from the Dynamic-class freighter around 4000 years later by looking at their own ancient XS stock ships when designing a new line of freighters. The inspiration gained from these old schematics would eventually create the company's most known freighter line, the YT-series, a series that bore one of the company's most recognizable starships, the YT-1300 light freighter.[6]



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