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"Oh, nice to see a familiar face."
"E chu ta!"
"How rude!"
―C-3PO and E-3PO[src]

E-3PO[4]was a silver[3] 3PO protocol droid[2] with yellow photoreceptors who was present in Cloud City, a tibanna gas mining colony that floated in the Life Zone of the planet Bespin, shortly after the Battle of Hoth.[3] After exiting a room of Imperial stormtroopers, it was greeted by a fellow 3PO unit known as C-3PO[3] but responded with a Huttese insult[2] and continued down the hallway. After calling the protocol droid rude, C-3PO heard an R2-series astromech droid inside the room that E-3PO had exited and, believing that it was his friend R2-D2, entered to investigate the sound. However, instead of finding R2, he was blasted to pieces by stormtroopers.[3]

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E-3PO was portrayed by Chris Parsons in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, who also portrayed 4-LOM and K-3PO in the same film.



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