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The EG-6 power droid by Veril Line Systems was an ambulatory power droid.


Eg-6 Power Droid

An EG-6 power droid

A fifth-degree[4] power droid, the EG-6 was 1.1 meters tall.[3] Outfitted with only a low AI, EG-6's only function was to provide energy to diverse machinery, starships and other vehicles. Most of the EG-6's interior was filled out by its fusion generators. Its hull was heavily armored and the droid was designed to survive extreme temperatures or radiation.[5]

There were two heavy power plug-in sockets on the right side of the EG-6's body and a standard power plug-in socket on the lower half of its front. There was also a light power plug-in socket in the face-like unit on the upper half of its front side, that also contained a system diagnostic package and visual sensors as well as an acoustic signaler. The droid was able to speak droid and computer languages only.[5]

The system diagnostic package included a spectrometer and infrared-, sonar- and x-ray-scanners and was used for equipment checks. Although very rarely used, the EG-6 had a manipulator arm that was hidden under a small panel on its lower front side.[5]



An EG-6 in a Jawa sandcrawler

The EG-6 was found nearly everywhere throughout the galaxy, but its lead in the energy-supply market diminished a bit when Industrial Automaton released the nearly identical GNK power droid.[5]

EG-6 schematics

EG-6 schematics

Its follow-up model, the S9-series heavy power droid, a larger and more powerful version of the EG-6, was Veril Line Systems' answer to the GNK droid.[6]

The EG-6 that was owned by the Lars family on Tatooine was several hundred standard years old.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia states that the power droid that C-3PO and R2-D2 found in the Jawa sandcrawler was an EG-6, however it emits the "gonk" sound in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, which is a feature of the GNK droid by the same source.

A different version of the EG-6 can be seen in The Phantom Menace, and it was often mistaken for the GNK power droid.



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