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EG-9 was an ancient, cobbled together labor droid who was a mainstay of Mos Eisley spaceport on the planet Tatooine.


EG labor droid

EG-9 working on a moisture vaporator

A mainstay of Mos Eisley spaceport on the planet Tatooine,[1] in the year 32 BBY,[4] EG-9 was working on a moisture vaporator shortly before the annual Boonta Eve Classic podrace.[3]


An ancient[1] fifth-degree[2] labor droid, EG-9 was cobbled together from at least three different models of droids, including a salvaged Temirca droid head with a broken antenna, a Montoro serving drone body, repair worker arms, and wheels scavenged from a Verpine G9 droid. It was given an orange paint job with silver highlights for maximum visibility, and had gray photoreceptors.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"They must be important if the Viceroy sent one of those useless protocol gearheads to greet them."
"A Republic cruiser! That's trouble…don't you think?"
"I'm not made to think."
―PK-4 and EG-9, in a scene deleted from The Phantom Menace[src]

EG-9 was originally created for the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, though his short,[5] humorous scene, while scripted[6] and included in early cuts,[5] was left out of the final version.[6] An animatic of the scene, dubbed "Trash Talking Droids", was later included in Star Wars: The Complete Saga, a Blu-ray set that comprised the first six main Star Wars films along with three additional discs of bonus material[7] that was released on September 16, 2011.[8]

EG-9 was stationed aboard the Trade Federation flagship, the Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 cargo freighter Saak'ak. When the Consular-class cruiser Radiant VII arrived carrying Jedi ambassadors Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly before the Invasion of Naboo,[9] he[7] and fellow worker droid PK-4 watched from the hallway to the docking bay. The latter assumed they were important when Viceroy Nute Gunray sent TC-14,[9] who they[6] considered a "useless protocol gearhead", to greet them. When EG-9 noticed their ship belonged to the Galactic Repiblic, he asked if PK-4 thought it could mean trouble, to which the other droid responded that he was not made to think.[9]

The 1999 Star Wars Legends reference book Star Wars: Episode I The Visual Dictionary used an image of EG-9 to depict an unidentified droid,[10] which later appeared in Podracing Tales, an online comic published on on December 19, 2000.[3] This droid was later identified as EG-9 in The Phantom Menace: The Expanded Visual Dictionary, making EG-9 canon within the Legends continuity.[1]

Despite EG-9 being identified as a hybrid droid,[1] a Cybot Galactica model known as the EG labor droid appeared in Scoundrels, a 2013 novel by Timothy Zahn.[11]


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PK-4 and EG-9

PK-4 and EG-9 in a scene deleted from The Phantom Menace

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