El-434 was a ruthless assassin droid that developed a reputation as a brutal killer who enjoyed his work. He was in operation throughout the Galactic Civil War.


The droid was designed around a circular base that supported an odd-shaped head and long arms. He was well-armored and kept himself in pristine working condition at all times.


Little is known about the droid's origins. It is known that EL-434 began working for the Empire soon after its formation. His early missions were based around finding and destroying hidden Alliance bases. EL-434 was captured by the Rebels on one such mission, after they were notified prior to his arrival. He was taken aboard the transport ship Celestial and later transferred to the prison ship Desolate in Otherspace. He decided to override his self destruct programming after reasoning that he could better aid the Empire by gathering secret information, assuming that he could escape. The Charon bioscientists wanted to dismantle EL-434 so they could get a better understanding of how he could override his self destruct program. But before they could do so, the ship's personnel were ordered to evacuate after the ship began to malfunction, giving EL-434 his chance to escape. He failed to make it off the ship alive.