"Blast! The ELX-25 was only supposed to be in planning stages! If its operational, it could obliterate our base with a single shot."
―Grand Moff Regus.[src]

The ELX-25 prototype long-range cannon was a prototype weapon designed by the Galactic Republic to serve as a form of artillery during the time of the Cold War. These long range weapons were deployed during planetary conflicts and were believed to be years before completion by the Sith Empire. However, the experimental cannon was deployed in Fort Salvo on the planet Ilum when the world was facing conquest by the Sith.

At that time, Admiral Shai of the Republic Military was responsible for calling the ELX-25 prototype into operation for testing. He ordered a Lieutenant to input the coordinates of the Imperial base after confronting an Imperial spacer. This shocked Grand Moff Ilyan Regus who thought that the cannon was only in the planning stages. The Grand Moff managed to deduce the location of the cannon from its operational range and the source of Admiral Shai's transmission. Thus, he asked a Sith spacer with destroying the weapon. The Imperial then found the hidden control center for the cannon and set it to overload, destroying it.

Behind the scenesEdit

The artillery is featured in the Ilum questline "Shoring Up Defenses".