"Welcome to the 7-Gee Lounge, sir. I'm your host, EV-7G7. Would you like a drink?"

EV-7G7 was a modified masculine EV-series supervisor droid who served drinks to the patrons of the 7-Gee Lounge at Mos Espa Arena in 32 BBY.


EV-7G7 functioned as a barman in the 7-Gee Lounge. It was during the Boonta Eve podrace that he met a Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn. The droid offered him a drink, but instead, Qui-Gon asked about the whereabouts of Watto. EV-7G7 could not help much in this issue, and suggested that the Jedi ask one of the patrons. Eventually Qui-Gon returned and ordered two glasses of juri juice for Watto's flunky and his friend Kreg.


EV-7G7's pelvic mount was locked into a rail, which he used to move around the bar top.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The player, in the guise of Jinn, must acquire juri juice from the droid to continue in the mission.

If the player orders too many drinks within a short period of time, EV-7G7 will cut Jinn off and refuse to serve him anymore.



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