"Welcome to the 7-Gee Lounge, sir. I'm your host, EV-7G7. Would you like a drink?"

EV-7G7 was a complacent droid who served drinks to the patrons of the 7-Gee Lounge at Mos Espa Arena in 32 BBY.


EV-7G7 functioned as a barman in the 7-Gee Lounge. It was during the Boonta Eve podrace that he met a Jedi, Qui-Gon Jinn. The droid offered him a drink, but instead, Qui-Gon asked about the whereabouts of Watto. EV-7G7 could not help much in this issue, and suggested that the Jedi ask one of the patrons. Eventually Qui-Gon returned and ordered two glasses of juri juice for Watto's flunky and his friend Kreg.


Unlike many other droids, EV-7G7 had a moving platform instead of legs. Such a device helped him to move along the bar and serve beverages faster.

Behind the scenesEdit

The player, in the guise of Jinn, must acquire juri juice from the droid to continue in the mission.

If the player orders too many drinks within a short period of time, EV-7G7 will cut Jinn off and refuse to serve him anymore.



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