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"FIFTH REMINDER: Please return your EV to your MerenData dealer for double your money back. We are also offering a 10,000-credit reward for information leading to the whereabouts of other EV supervisor droids."
MerenData customer mailing[src]

The EV-series supervisor droid was a third-degree droid developed by MerenData during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Originally designed to be an efficient taskmaster for automated labor pools, the droid series suffered from a number of unfortunate "glitches." It was one of the largest corporate disasters in history.


Unknown to the consumer base, these glitches were created by the company accidentally installing an MDF motivator. Normally, this would not be such a horrible catastrophe, except the MDF motivator was the root motivator for a series of illegal torture droids being created for the House of Tagge. Instead of halting production outright, the company adopted a wait-and-see approach.

EVSupDroid egtd

EV droid schematics

At first, reports showed EV droids not only fulfilling their required tasks, but outperforming any original expectations held by MerenData. Eventually, stories began to filter in to the company of horrible acts being committed by the series. The droids turned out not only to be immoral in their attitude, but to actually enjoy torturing and causing pain: on Eriadu, an EV supervisor droid fused his entire droid worker pool's feet to the floor, and on Indu San, an EV set fire to slow workers' oil baths. On rare occasions, such as on Kadril, an EV droid was known to have Human workers prodded with electroprods.

MerenData panicked. In an effort to quash any more sadistic acts by its creations, they pulled the entire droid line. Recall notices were sent out en masse, but only a few hundred were ever successfully recalled.

To save face, the affected EV models were replaced by the EV-II, which replaced the faulty MDF motivator with the originally intended unit. MerenData also commissioned the V-series supervisor droid, targeted to the Imperial Military. Unfortunately, both lines failed miserably.

Many original run EV series droids circulated around the galaxy for years due to masters who actually found a use for the sadist droids. Ploovo Two-For-One employed an original EV series droid,[2] as did crimelord Jabba the Hutt.

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Unlike most sources, which identify the EV-series supervisor/interrogator droid as a third-degree droid, the Arms & Equipment Guide labels it a fourth-degree droid.[3]


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