Ean Ventor was a male Human from Alderaan. He and his wife Zollet were simple archivists working in the Royal Library of Alderaan, but they ended up winning the sympathy of the nobleman Bail Prestor Organa. Eventually, Organa took their son, Halagad Ventor, beneath his wing, offering him a first-rate education. In 32 BBY, the House of Organa sent the Ventor spouses as their trusted representatives for the largest annual gathering of Alderaanian aristocrats, scientists, intellectuals, and philanthropists, which took place on the island of Okonomo. However, the genetics terrorist Zeta Magnus was present at the party, and he unleashed a hive virus that drove all attendees mad, prompting them to devour each other's flesh and organs. Ean Ventor and his wife died in that gruesome incident, which was later known as the Okonomo Tragedy.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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