Eater Of Fire Creepers was the Bargainer of the Qom Jha. He received his name must likely because he ate a dangerous insect called fire creepers. He had a distrust for the Qom Qae because they did not deliver a message to Luke(about the threateners or as we later learn the Chiss) as was the agreement between them so when Child Of Winds come leading Luke in an attempt to found Mara who had been "captured" by the Qom Jha he had a hard time trusting Child Of Winds but Luke and Mara successful negotiated with Eater Of Fire Creepers at the price that Luke and Mara would take three Qom Jha escorts in there entering of the threateners base. After Luke Skywalker and Mara had aided them in their struggle with the Chiss, they relieved the debt that was owed to them; he later met with Hunter Of Winds, who both agreed that Luke and Mara should leave and that peace should assume.